Volunteering Opportunities

The Broomhouse Centre has just been successful in renewing it’s Investing In Volunteers Award which highlights the good practice in all aspects of involving volunteers in its work to provide services to the local community.

There are eight core projects: Beacon Club, Vintage VIBES, Youth Befriending, Young Carers, Adult Carers, Café Training Project, Crescent Kitchen at The Broomhouse Centre and Young People’s Counselling Service.

Volunteering opportunities are available in the Beacon Club, Vintage VIBES, Youth Befriending Projects, Young Carers and the Cafe Training Project.

Why do we value our volunteers at The Broomhouse Centre?

Volunteers play a very important part with the organisation’s delivery of services over 12,000 hours were given to the projects last year.

Volunteers bring with them a refreshing variety of skills and experience and use them to enhance service quality.

We believe in the value of voluntary activity as an important expression component of a free and democratic society.

Volunteering offers opportunities for participation to people who might otherwise be excluded. This helps us too as it allows us to increase contact with the community we service.

The Broomhouse Centre wishes to treat all volunteers fairly and not to discriminate unfairly against an applicant on the groups of any information concerning convictions.

The Broomhouse Centre is always keen to receive support from volunteers. For further information regarding volunteering opportunities please contact:

The Broomhouse Centre office on 0131 455 7731
or email: admin@broomhousecentre.org.uk

We create a Volunteer Newsletter quarterly which we send out to all our volunteers to keep them in touch with what’s new at The Broomhouse Centre.