Young Carers

Expanding Young Carers’ lives through shared opportunities, experiences and fun

Who are Young Carers?
Young Carers are Young People who provide practical and/or emotional support to
another person, due to ill health, mental or physical disability, long term illness or drug and/or alcohol dependency issues.

Young Carers can provide a range of support for members of their family, this may include washing, cooking, paying bills, helping to look after parents or younger brothers or sisters including providing practical and/or emotional support due to ill-health, mental or physical disability, long term physical or mental illness or where drug-alcohol dependency is a problem.

“Young carers is like a family I can talk to about anything and share how I feel and feel good about myself no matter what is going on at home.”


What do we provide?

We believe Young Carers are Young People first and should be able to access the same opportunities as their peers. Broomhouse Young Carers provides information, advice and support on all issues affecting Young Carers. We do this by providing weekly activity groups and issue based sessions, annual residential breaks and bespoke one to one support from our Young Carers Development and Support Worker. We also provide awareness raising sessions in Schools for pupils and staff to raise awareness about Young Carers and the support they may need in School.

Broomhouse Young Carers meet weekly:

Monday 7-9 ages 5.30-7.30pm, Tuesday 10-13 ages 5.30-7.30pm, Weds 16 plus group 6-8pm, Thursday 14-16 ages 6-8pm

The Support Groups provide an activity based programme designed with ideas and suggestions from the Young Carers. Activities include swimming, ice skating, trampolining and issue based sessions where there is discussion around issues the Young Carers face in their every day lives. Issue based sessions include drug and alcohol awareness, risk taking behaviour, safety on the internet, healthy relationships /choices and First Aid training.

All groups have access to an annual residential where they participate in adventure activities, team building sessions and space to bond and build lasting friendships. Previous residentials include PGL in Dalguise, Perth, Wiston Lodge by Biggar, The Roses Project, The Outward Bound Trust and the annual event everyone eagerly anticipates: The Scottish Young Carers Festival

The group outcomes are:

Young Carers have increased confidence and self-esteem,  Young Carers cope positively in their caring role, Young Carers are less isolated, Young Carers have good knowledge of issues affecting their lives, the cared for person has a better relationship with the Young Carer and access to support.

The support groups are currently funded by Shared Care Short Breaks Fund, Cash Back for Communities, BBC Children in Need and Radio Forth Cash for Kids



16 plus Young Adult Carers – Wednesdays 6-8pm

The 16 plus Young Adult Carers service works with 16-25 Young Adult Carers by providing an activity programme, in house sessions and bespoke one to one support from our Young Carers Development and Support Worker. Within these sessions, Young Adult Carers can access information and advice on issues affecting their lives and support to access Education, Training and Employment opportunities

The service outcomes are:

Young Adult Carers have increased confidence and self-esteem to access opportunities available to them, Young Adult Carers are less isolated and better supported in their caring role, Young Adult Carers have a better understanding of and progress into education, employment or further training opportunities, Young Adult Carers cope better with their caring role and Young Adult Carers have more opportunities to enjoy life outside their caring role

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The service is currently funded by BBC Children in Need


All activities and services are free of charge.

For more information contact:

Amanda Farquhar, Families and Youth Service Manager




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