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 Vintage Vibes is a fresh way of tackling isolation and loneliness among the over-60s in Edinburgh – reaching out to people across the city, offering companionship, reliable support and the opportunity to be more socially connected.

The service uses volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds – our Vibes Volunteers – and matches them with over-60s who want to use the service, our Vibes VIPs.

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Good Company

The issues of loneliness and isolation are serious in Edinburgh and have worrying impacts on people’s health and wellbeing. One study found that older people in Edinburgh are the loneliest in the UK, and research shows that chronic loneliness increases the chances of developing dementia by 64% and can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Vintage Vibes wants to tackle these statistics head on, by creating opportunities for the city’s over-60s to be less isolated and lonely. We recruit volunteers from across Edinburgh and covering all ages and interests. We have teenage students, young mums, retired and mature people, pet owners and anyone who has some time to give and help out.

Our Service offers

  • One to one visiting in the home
  • One to one visiting outside the home
  • Hospital visiting
  • Family visiting
  • Friendship pools
  • Pet visiting/therapy at home, hospice, or nursing home

Get Involved

If you think you’d like to become a Vibes Volunteer, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to read a bit more about what we’re looking for. 

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Volunteer Questions and Answers

A bit of history

Vintage Vibes is a joint partnership project between The Broomhouse Centre and LifeCare Edinburgh, based in Stockbridge, and was launched in late 2015. The two charities joined forces to bring a fresh, new approach to tackling social isolation and loneliness throughout Edinburgh. Vintage Vibes incorporates an existing successful service based in Broomhouse called the Elderly Befriending Service, which was launched the late 1990s after a research project called ‘You Can’t Knit A Family’ provided evidence that many of the area’s elderly people were isolated and lonely.

A pilot scheme that recruited and trained eight volunteers to visit clients in and around the Broomhouse area was successful and led to referrals flowing in from health and social care agencies, day centres, day hospitals, churches, carers and self-referrals identifying clients in need of the service.

Over the years many VIPs have benefited from the visiting service, with positive effects on health and self-confidence, as the testaments below confirm:

  • ‘I look forward to my weekly visits from my befriender.’
  • ‘The Service could not be any better.’
  • ‘It is good to have a male befriender as I am housebound and we both enjoy talking about sport.’
  • ‘I love having someone to visit as most of my friends have passed away or cannot manage the stair.’
  • ‘The service is wonderful, it has given my Mum something to look forward to.’

If you would like to become a volunteer with Vintage Vibes, or know someone who might be interested in becoming a Vibes VIP, please contact Andrew Ainsworth, Service Coordinator, on  07789 722 780 or email Andrew on