A group of trainees, staff and volunteers

Cafe Training Project

Fancy becoming a Cafe Training Project trainee?  We are recruiting young people and adults who struggle to find work. Trainees are a valued part of our catering team and are supported by a team of professionals who focus on increasing skills, confidence and emotional resilience. Email cafetraining@broomhousecentre.org.uk or call 07809 904 231 for more information.

  • real life work experience
  • staff who believe in you
  • SQA training through Edinburgh College
  • support with next steps

What is the Cafe Training Project?
Situated in the vibrant Broomhouse Community Café, the Cafe Training Project was established in 1997 to provide real-life work experience and training to people in Edinburgh who struggle to find work.

How long are the placements for?
Placements usually last for around 6 months and trainees come for one or two days per week.  This can vary depending on abilities and aspirations.

What sort of tasks would I be involved in?
Trainees participate in daily tasks such as preparing food, cleaning, setting tables, stock taking, cash handling and customer service. Trainees are also encouraged to embark on and achieve SQA qualifications through Edinburgh College or accredited training through other reputable providers.

Will I work with other people?
Trainees develop their confidence through working with staff, other trainees, volunteers, and customers.

What do other trainees have to say?

“I wasn’t very independent and have learning disabilities and social anxiety disorder but the Café Training Project really helped me. I learned about cooking and baking and made friends with other trainees”. (Sarah Jane)

“It is strange thinking back to when I first started because I was so scared…but now people say that they can’t believe how much my confidence had gone up! I went on to get a paid job through Community Job Scotland as a Café Assistant.” (Anna)

Email cafetraining@broomhousecentre.org.uk or call 07809 904 231 for more information. The Cafe Training Project is funded by Capital City Partnership, the Big Lottery Fund and the Scottish Government.

Broomhouse Café also has an outside  catering service called Change Kitchen