Broomhouse Decides



The Broomhouse Centre is delighted to announce they have raised the funds to run ‘Broomhouse Decides’, a Community Grants Scheme for Broomhouse, Sighthill & Parkhead, with a total project value of £20,000.


What is it: This is a Community Grants Scheme for Broomhouse, Sighthill & Parkhead: There are Grants available for Community Members, up to £250, and grants for Community Organisations, up to £2,500.

The grants are about helping local people turn an idea into an activity that benefits the community, and we welcome applications from local people, or local voluntary organisations, which meet the criteria and help with the priorities the community identified.

There are four priorities for funding (based on community consultation run by Edinburgh Napier University with local organisations, and partners):

  •                     Children and Young people’s activities
  •                     Community Food activities
  •                     Improving communications for all
  •                     Reducing social isolation


How it works:

Information Sessions:

  • We’re here to support you. Come to one of our local info sessions below:
  • 14th June (venue to be confirmed – look on web site or call centre on 0131 4557731)
  • 21st June (venue to be confirmed)
  • 29th June, 3pm – 4pm after The Big Broomhouse Sing-A-Long in St David’s Church
  • 6th July, 12 – 2pm at Change Kitchen in St David’s Church

Deadline for Applications: Mon 23 July

Announcement of successful applicants: on 8th August 2018


Who decides?

The public do! There will be a review process after the application date to check if your application meets our criteria. We will let you know if you have made it to the public vote. The vote with a summary of all the applications will be displayed at the Broomhouse Street Party on Tues Aug 7th 2018 (11am -3pm). You can vote, just not for your own project.


Categories of funding applications: two categories – Grant for Community Members, up to £250, and for Community Organisations, up to £2,500

  1. Little Thrivers Grant for Community Members: up to £250

This grant is about helping local people turn an idea into an activity that benefits the community:

  • A member of the community can ask for up to £250.
  • The activity you want to do needs to be carried out within 3 months of getting the money
  • We can buy the equipment if your activity is around buying equipment, materials etc., to help with administration and get a good deal
  • In return, all you have to do is create a video on your phone or photos of your activity in action and write a few words telling us what difference you have made.
  • If someone will be linked to a local organisation to do something, and if they are not, we will find a local sponsor organisation to help, also for invoicing purposes and accountability
  • A member of the community can only make one application at a time


Download Application Form

Download Guidelines


  1. Strivers Grant for Community Organisations: up to £2,500

This grant is about helping local organisations turn an idea into an activity that benefits the community. We welcome applications from local voluntary organisations which meet the following criteria:

  • Groups must be constituted with at least 2 (non-related) signatories, or newly formed groups can be sponsored by a member of ‘Joining the Dots action’ group
  • Priority will be given to organisations which demonstrate local partnership working and are applying for new activities.
  • The project must fit in with 1 or more of the Broomhouse Decides priorities and the application should describe how you will meet these priorities.


Download Application Form

Download Guidelines


How did it come about:

‘Joining the Dots’, is a local action group, which focuses on this ward, the Broomhouse, Sighthill and Parkhead area, and is a partnership of: community based voluntary groups, City of Edinburgh Council, Napier University, GP’s and NHS staff. The partnership held a series of successful community consultations in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, and this was used as a case study on community engagement by the university at the Scottish Parliament in 2017. From the responses, four priorities have been identified:

Children, Young people and Family activities, Community Food activities,  Improving communications for all and Social Isolation. Meeting monthly helps this build trust and relationships, developing our shared knowledge of local service provision, and also building a collective knowledge of the community. ‘Joining the Dots’ is chaired by the Broomhouse Centre CEO, Bridie Ashrowan. The centre applied on behalf of the group to the Scottish Government for the grant, and manage the fund of the behalf of the group.


Funded by Scottish Government