Young People’s Counselling

Young People’s Counselling Service

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The Broomhouse Young People’s Counselling Service provides a unique service that offers one-one counselling to children and young people between the ages of 5yrs and 17yrs. Children and young people are usually seen once a week for 8 weeks but this can be negotiated in order to meet their need.

We deliver this service during school hours and on school premises in response to feedback from previous young people and children who had stated they would prefer this.

Among the comments made by young people who have used this service are:

‘It really helps me understand what’s going on and I can have someone to talk to so I don’t have to hide myself.’

‘I couldn’t tell anyone of the problems until I got to meet my counsellor. It helped me to get rid of the stress I carried.’

Mostly our referrals come from schools, education welfare officers, social workers and other community workers who are involved in the lives and families of young people. Parents can also make referrals on behalf of their children and young people can refer themselves to the service.

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